Lamb on the Spit 

Catering for a minimum of 30 people. 


Please Note: Maximum Lamb weight is 22/23KG for maximum tenderness & flavour.


From a whole lamb (bone in). Portion size per person is Approximatly +/- 500g P/P.



Spit Sosatie - variety of meats on a Spit  -  

 This is meat that has had the bone taken out of it and then cooked on the spit; it looks very similar to a giant kebab whilst cooking. Once cooked it is  sliced and put into serving trays

Catering for a minimum of 30 people. Prices include VAT


(Lamb, Beef, Chicken  OR PORK)

Please Note: For functions with more than 50 people, one spitbraai will be used for the whole lamb and a separate spitbraai will be used for the other meats.

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Kiddies - Half Price of Main Menu, or:

Beef burgers with sauces & garnish @ R30 (p/p)


Boerewors rolls with sauces & garnish @ R30 (p/p) 



 Menu's for functions

Our menu options are suggestions, we are happy to discuss and tailor-make a menu for you with the exception being the following days which have specially design menus that cannot be changed:

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

Old Years

New Years Day



 Covid-19   =  All our menu’s can be prepared at our premises and delivered for you convenience  

Please see menu idea below

Please see menu ideas below



Menu 1 Sosati Spit Braai    Min 25 pax  R160

(3 Meats - Giant Sosati - Lamb Beef Chicken Pieces, any 3 side dishes) 


Menu 2  Whole Lamb and Chicken   Min 30 pax  R165

(Whole Lamb on the Spit with Chicken Pieces, any 4 side dishes) 


Menu 3  Whole Lamb    Min 30 pax  R120

(Whole Lamb on the Spit baby Potatoes )


Menu 4  Whole Lamb and Wors    Min 30 pax  R130


(Whole Lamb on the Spit & Wors any 2 side dishes)



Menu 5 SUMMER SPECIAL Sosati Spit Braai   Min 30 pax  R145

(3 Meats - Giant Sosati - Pork  Beef Chicken Pieces,  Baby potatoes and onions Greek Salad Rolls)


Menu 6  SUMMER SPECIAL Whole Lamb    Min 30 pax  R145

(Whole Lamb on the Spit Baby Potatoes and onions, Greek Salad and Rolls)


Menu 7 SUMMER SPECIAL GREEK Pita Sosati Spit Braai   Min 30 pax  R145

(Beef and Pork, Variety Toppings and Potato Salad)


Menu 8 Braai Menu 3 Meats  Pax 25 pax (not a spit braai)  R180

( Selection of 3 meats any 3 side dishes) 



Menu 9  Mexican Feast  Pax 30  R160
Sosati Spit – 3 Meats (Lamb / Beef / Chicken)
Tomato & Onion Salsa

 Menu 10 Greek Feast Pax 30 R160
Whole Lamb on the Spit (basting- lemon Juice/ Garlic / Rosemary / Red Wine Vinegar)
Pita Bread
Lettuces, Tomato, Cucumber & Feta Salad
Baby Garlic & Rosemary Potatoes 

 Menu 11  Portuguese Feast Menu Pax 30   R160
Whole Lamb on the Spit 
Portuguese Chicken  Salad
Chorizo Spicy Rice

Portuguese Rolls with Mini Butter 








Platters Served 8 – 10 People  (prices can be change without notice)

Platters are delivered chilled

Served on disposable platters


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Salad Side Dishes

We use the best products available.

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